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Welcome to ATHnet, the wireless TCP/IP network of the Athenian Radio Amateurs which is part of the worldwide Amateur Packet Radio Network (AMPRnet). Computers in this network, are linked to each other using Amateur Radio links in Radio Amateur frequencies, and Internet links to connect with the other AMPRnet communities in Greece and all over the World. This way one can connect to any other Amateur Radio LAN or MAN at any time of the day regardless of the PROPAGATION CONDITIONS that usually plague our HF radio channels.

For more information about ATHnet and AMPRnet click here to go to the English Language page, or here to go to the Greek Language page.

In the following pages, you will find information about who we are (radio amateurs), what we like (amateur radio), where we live (Greece) etc.

Please keep in mind, that these pages are always under constuction, so be patient, and come back often. We hope you will find this site very interesting.

Amateur Radio

Our hobby

Learn about Amateur Radio, the hobby that links us together, and the medium we use to communicate with our friends, all over the world.

Even if you are a seasoned veteran radio ham, here you can find important information, like DX Bulletins, Solar Flux Data, Keplerian Elements etc.

If you are a ham visiting Greece, here you will find interesting information, like repeater frequencies (and tones) in Greece, legal aspects of operating in Greece etc.


The Capital City of Greece.

Here is some information about Athens and how to get around the big city of Greece.


The country of Gods, sunshine and sea.

In this section, you will find interesting information about Greece, the country, the people, their culture.
Also, several links to sites with tourist information.

Our Member Pages

Visit our members' Home Pages

Athnet members are Greek radio amateurs, who setup and maintain the Wireless TCP/IP network. Their pages are quite interesting.

For comments, problems or suggestions, e-mail our Webmaster.

We hope that you enjoyed your visit.

Last update : 3 July 2005